Training Solutions

On-Campus training at colleges: FCA has experienced faculty to conduct training programmes for the students of educational institutions. The classes are conducted at the college campus to save on their time and be more effective. Hundreds of fresh as well as experienced graduates both in Engineering and Finance streams are imparted training, with special focus on the practical aspects of different industries to make them employable and job-ready. The course content combines subjects relevant to the industry as well as soft skills required for the students to meet the corporate challenges. The students with the pre-employment training get an edge over others at the time of campus and off-campus recruitment.

Skill development programmes for existing Employees of Banks.
FCA has positioned itself as a service provider for Banks to cater to the needs of training for their employees. With proven expertise in content development and program delivery, we can develop and provide customised training programs to Banks and financial institutions in the BFSI domain. We have the following modules for training existing employees of Banks:

1. Fresh Recruits/New Joinees :
We conduct Orientation, Induction and hand-holding courses to these new recruits to familiarize them with basic concepts of Banking services and products, and make them work with confidence and make a head start with their career. 

2. Mid-level Managers :
We have specially designed courses for the middle level managers/executives, to develop superior skills. These courses will enable them to professionally excel in their work. 

3. I.T related courses :
We have ready IT skill development courses and also can develop special training modules on Bank specific I.T platforms. This will facilitate easy technology absorption amongst the staff at all levels and bring overall efficiency to provide the customer a satisfactory service experience. 

4. Risk Management :
The area which has a very wide knowledge gap amongst the staff of Banks and other institutions and needs to be attended to immediately as Banks have to prepare for compliance by 2014 for the regulatory requirements. We have a special group of experts who have specialized in this area both from the Banking and IT background for implementation assistance of solutions in Banks. We have the capability to assess the gaps and assist for implementation of all types of solutions with ease through employee training prgrammes..

Training outsourcing.
Continuous and regular training of their employees is very important for any organisation.  Many corporates are now outsourcing their training requirements to ‘Service Providers’ who can economically cater to their specific training needs. The advantages of  outsourcing your training requirements and our strength in this area are that. 

a) You will be able to provide your staff the best in the field at a reasonable cost. 

b) We have an experienced pool of trainers who have excelled in their careers in various PSU, Private and Foreign Banks. As a result we will be able to provide blended solutions to suit all the levels of trainees.

c) We have ready course content for all levels of training and also have the capability to develop any spectrum of modules to suit your specific products/services /processes or needs.

d) We have arrangements for excellent infrastructure facilities in various areas of Chennai and if desired we can use your own available infrastructure also to suit the convenience of your staff.

e) As our advisory board consists of experts from Banking, Finance, accounting and Information Technology areas and our expert committee has Bankers of varied experience, we understand Banking, and are confident of delivering quality par excellence.